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How businesses register and apply for support, including key steps for service providers

This is the step-by-step process for businesses applying for Activate Tāmaki Makaurau funding. Throughout the process, both businesses and service providers will receive email updates on what action needs to be taken, which is also supported with communication within the portal.

Please note that service providers must not apply for any funding on behalf of a business and businesses only need to register once. Once successfully registered and assessed by our team, they will have access to the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau portal. They can log in to this portal to track their applications or make new applications for additional support.

  1. Business registers for either Business Advice or Implementation Grant under the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau programme. Remember, they only need to register once. Register detail can Click Here
  2. Business registration will be assessed by Activate Tāmaki Makaurau.
  3. A referral plan is created for the business by Activate Tāmaki Makaurau.
  4. Business logs in to the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau portal and clicks on ‘My referrals’ to request a proposal from a preferred service provider. Once the business is inside the portal there are clear steps on what they need to do next.


This is a brief overview of the steps:

Business requests a proposal

  • Click on the ‘Referrals, Proposals and Contracts’ button. Businesses can then view information on how to progress their application.
  • Click on the ‘Referrals Name’ column listed under ‘My AU Referrals’.
  • Check that the ‘Referred Service Provider’ listed is correct or choose a service provider.
  • Click the ‘Request New Proposal’ button in the top right-hand corner.

  The service provider (ExtremePC) reviews requests and submits a proposal

  • Service provider logs in to the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau portal.
  • Refer to the steps outlined on the service provider homepage of the portal

Business reviews proposals/quotes

  • Click on the ‘My Proposals’ tab.
  • To access a proposal/quote, click on one of the options in the ‘Quote Name’ column listed below.
  • Review the ‘Quote information’ and ‘Service information’.
  • Click on the ‘Proposal Submission’ tab to review the uploaded proposal/quote from the service provider

5. The business’s funding application is assessed. If their application is approved and a contract is signed by both the business and the service provider, work can commence with the selected service provider.

Business applies for funding

  • If the business would like to progress with a proposal/quote, click on the ‘Apply for Funding’ button in the top right corner and save.
  • The Activate Tāmaki Makaurau team will review the proposal/quote and determine whether the business is eligible for either partial funding or full funding for the services identified within the proposal/quote.

Business and service providers sign contracts then work commences

  • The contract is signed by both business and service providers. Contracts need to be signed within five days of receiving email notification to sign the service contract.
  • Contracts are visible in the ‘My Contracts’ tab for businesses and the ‘My Contracts to Sign’ tab for service providers.
  • Note: All services must begin within one month and must be completed within three months of the date of the approval unless otherwise agreed by an Activate Tāmaki Makaurau senior advisor.

     6. Business tells Activate Tāmaki Makaurau when the work is complete to facilitate payment to the service provider. Business shares their experience with us. Hearing their feedback helps us better assist other businesses.

Service provider invoicing:

  • The service provider needs to log back into the portal to upload a GST tax invoice.
  • You will receive a reminder email seven days after signing the contract, with information on how to complete this step.
  • Log in to the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau service provider portal, click on the ‘Signed Contracts’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘Contract Name’ column listed under ‘My AU Contracts Signed’ – this will open the contact record.
  • Select the ‘Submit Invoice’ button, confirm you have completed services, and upload your GST tax invoice. Ensure you invoice Auckland Unlimited for the agreed value of the completed work and include the purchase order number you received from Auckland Council. Invoices with missing or incorrect purchase order numbers will not be processed.
  • Once you have uploaded your invoice click the ‘Submit Invoice’ button. Once submitted you will receive confirmation of upload on your screen, or you will be asked to upload and submit your invoice again.
  • Payment will be made within 30 days of submitting your invoice



Business process:

  • Once the invoice has been uploaded, the business will receive an email to ask them to confirm the services have been completed.
  • Login to the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau portal, click on the ‘Referrals, Proposal and Contracts’ button.
  • Click on the ‘My Contracts’ tab and then click on the ‘Contract Name’ column listed under ‘My AU Contracts’.
  • Click on the ‘Confirm Services Completed’ button, tick yes and save. Note that if the business does not do this within three days, the services will be assumed as completed.



What is the difference between Business Advise and an Implementation Grant?

Business Advice support may include (but is not limited to):

  • Identifying key issues facing a business
  • Creating a list of activities that could help resolve a business’s issues 
  • Developing a plan to address 1-2 key issues

Implementation Grant support may include (but is not limited to) implementing a plan developed as part of:

  • Business Advice support received through Activate Tāmaki Makaurau
  • Business Advice support received through the Regional Business Partner Programme (Capability Development, Covid support, or Tourism Transition support)
  • Business Advice received outside of the above avenues
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